CD Smart

Why would you use paper registers when you can use an online, digital and secure solution designed with dispensing doctors in mind?
Review by Greg Bull

Recently someone asked me what the next “big thing” was going to be in dispensing doctor land. Its something I have been asked many times over the past 25 years of working in this niche market, so it was not that much of a surprise. But it got me thinking about what the short-term future of dispensing doctors really is.

And the simple answer is technology.

If there is one thing we have all come to embrace during this pandemic, it is the fact that we all must utilise technology more in our everyday lives. How does this affect your work in the dispensary?

Let’s consider digital CD registers, and specifically the CD Smart secure, online CD Register. This solution was developed in conjunction with a dispensing doctor practice, to ensure it fits the needs of a dispensing doctor dispensary rather than just being suitable for a retail pharmacy.

Can you imagine recording all your banking transactions every day in a physical ledger, or your dispensary accounts? If you are still using one of the old paper registers, this is what you are doing. You wouldn’t dream of going through all that effort if there was a suitable semi-automated way of doing it would you?

The old-fashioned CD registers are difficult enough to manage and are an archaic solution to a problem that digital, secure online registers do so much better. How many times have you had to go back through your paper registers looking for an error in inputting stock or to find out why there is a discrepancy between the running balance in the register and the actual stock in the CD Cabinet?

CD Smart includes Smart Discrepancy Detection which identifies and prevents common issues and alerts you of:

  • Calculation errors
  • Duplicate entries
  • Entries in the wrong register
  • Wrong patient
  • Wrong pack size
  • Change in supplied quantity
  • Transcribing errors
  • Previous part supplies

If I were a busy dispensary manager then the CD Smart solution is something I would be investigating right now.

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