Give your patients choice and protect your dispensing – review by Greg Bull

I think of the PharmaSelf24 as an ATM which dispenses the patient’s medication to them, rather than a bank ATM which dispenses the account holder’s money to them. Both operate 24/7, in rain, snow and sunshine and have no days off sick or take holidays.

Taking the analogy further can you imagine queuing in your local bank to withdraw your money?

And in these unprecedented times, where many GP practices have to consider patient and staff safety and social distancing due to Covid-19 the PharmaSelf24 is the perfect answer. The GP writes the prescription as usual, but instead of the patient waiting around for their medication to be dispensed, their mobile phone number can be taken and their medication is then loaded into the machine.

Once the medication is ready for collection a text is sent automatically to the patient’s mobile phone with a randomly generated PIN number. The patient can then collect their medication at their leisure. Whether that is five o’clock in the morning or one in the afternoon. Its your opportunity to make your patient’s life easier and to put them first.

The PharmaSelf24 is good for the patient, its good for the NHS and as a dispensing doctor, it is good for you; no more waiting queues in the dispensary spilling out into reception and importantly no more patients lost to a local pharmacy or an online pharmacy, Online pharmacy probably represents the biggest threat to dispensing doctor dispensing, and any way you have to combat this threat is well worth considering.

With a PharmaSelf24 on site your dispensers can concentrate on what they do best and as a dispensing practice you should think of your patients as customers, and give your customers more choice.

Adapt and survive; a PharmaSelf24 machine may be the answer to your problems.

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Transparency Statement; Whilst Hub and Spoke Innovations are site supports financially, they have had no input into this review. We like the PharmaSelf24 for many reasons, and where we like something, we are happy to sing it’s praises.

Greg Bull – November 2020


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