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Dispensing Doctor Experts – Our Mission Statement

With more than 40 years experience of working with Dispensing Doctors we know what you want, impartial and independent advice.

Our advice is commercially sound, and based upon years of looking at MDS deals, generics, Parallel Imports, various other schemes, buying groups, automation and much more. We can offer a free initial telephone conversation where you tell us what the problem is.

We have learnt one thing over the past combined 40 years, a Dispensing Practice usually reaches out once the problem has arrived. Please get in touch as soon as it does, because a problem left alone, is a problem that grows.

Is your profitability down significantly? Do you have a senior Partner or Dispenser about to leave the practice and you fear their lost knowledge will impact on your business? Has a pharmacy put in an application to join the Pharmaceutical List? Is your rurality under threat? Are you losing prescriptions to an online pharmacy?

If you need help, get in touch; and get in touch sooner rather than later. Problems tend to get harder to deal with the longer they are left, and if you lose your dispensing rights will you lose that small branch surgery?

Dispensing Doctors are a vital part of the NHS, and rural healthcare in particular.

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