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NEW Patient Pickup Point!

Richard Kay of Pharma Storage Solutions has developed a brilliant new idea aimed specifically at Dispensing Doctor practices – a new window to patient access point called the Patient Pickup Point .

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and here is a mockup for an installation which is happening this month in a dispensing practice [exterior view]

Patient Pickup Point – Exterior View

One thing we have learnt from the pandemic is the need to reduce the number of patients entering the building, whilst maintaining a fast and safe dispensing process. The new Patient Pickup Point satisfies both of those needs.

The patient can use the built-in intercom system to speak to the dispenser and the medicine is safely passed to the patient via the metal sliding drawer. This means the patient doesn’t need to enter the building to pick up their medication.

The dispenser can speak to and see the patient through the window and pass them their medication through the metal drawer – see picture below:

Patient Pickup Point – Interior View

Patient Pickup Point Summary

  1. This removes the need for protective PPE yet retains person to person contact via pass out drawer and Intercom Audio.
  2. “Grab and Go” solution for quick retrieval of prescriptions for patients.
  3. Ergonomic and efficient dispensing reducing person to person contact via window and or camera connection.
  4. “Patient access point” reduces the need for customer patients to enter the premises, but retains person to person contact for medication delivery, paperwork and payment.
  5. Patients’ collection drawer system allows customer patients to collect their medication without the requirement/need to enter the premises.
  6. A solution in the war against infectious pandemics.
  7. High quality weatherproof stainless-steel build and lockable from inside the dispensary.
  8. Can be fitted to almost every type of exterior dispensary or pharmacy wall or window.
  9. Video camera with added Audio.

Contact Richard Kay via to find out how this innovative design could help improve your dispensary and surgery layout.

Online learning is here to stay

Learn When You Want, Where You Want and at Your Own Pace – Learn with the Experts

One thing we have learned during this pandemic is the value of time. Our downtime, our travel time our working time and how important for those who have continued to work during lockdown our spare time is.

Less commuting time and endless back to back meetings online and working from home has been a heavy burden for many to bear. And what time you have left is precious to you and so we have now developed our first two online learning courses. They are blended learning with videos, presentations, further reading and interactive quizzes.

They are being beta-tested right now, and we are improving them all the time, our mission is to make your learning experience as pleasurable as it can be.

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