Featured Products

Personal Protective Equipment – This long-sleeved protective apron has been developed in partnership with Örebro University Hospital to prevent the spread of infection in intensive care, for example, and when treating patients with infectious diseases.

The apron provides easy-to-wear, full-coverage protection for the arms, chest, torso and a large area of the legs.

Personal protective equipment for use in intensive care and when treating patients with infectious diseases.

PharmaSelf24 – this automated ATM type machine lets the patient pick up their prescription 24/7 at a time that suits them. Saves busy queues and more importantly its a great patient service. Protect your dispensary from the erosion by online pharmacies by giving your patient the choice of when they pick up their medicine.

The Professional Poppitt – when your medically and socially vulnerable patients have been fully assessed and they require a weekly monitored dosage system [MDS] it can put a strain [literally] on your dispensary. Instead of manually popping all those blisters into pots and then dispensing into the MDS why not use the Professional Poppitt device. Over 300 dispensing practices are already using one. Its good for the patient and can reduce dispenser finger and thumb damage.

Radic8 – this high-tech high-quality air filtration system comes in various sizes and prices. From as little as £250 + vat for a desktop unit, you can safeguard and reassure both staff and patients in these unprecedented times.

Peezy – this is a 98.5% accurate urine specimen collection designed for women to collect a mid-stream sample accurately and without the fuss and mess of traditional methods.


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