The Professional Poppitt

The Professional Poppitt digital de-blistering machine – review by Greg Bull

I first came across the Professional Poppitt over fifteen years ago when the inventor called me up and asked if I thought that dispensing doctors would be interested in his machine. After a demonstration and after trying out the machine myself I called him back and told him he was onto a winner. I had a caveat though, the Professional Poppitt doesn’t work on all tablets and capsules, but it worked on a large enough percentage that for most users it was ideal.

I once spent an afternoon working for a charitable organisation where I had to pop tablets and capsules from hundreds of blister packs. So I know how tiring, repetitive and frankly how boring de-blistering tablets and capsules is for preparation into a Monitored Dosage System.

Where a number of patients have been assessed clinically and socially and there is a need for an MDS tray to be dispensed to them, the Professional Poppitt can speed up the process dramatically. This is good for the patient, its good for the NHS [less medicines wasted and a higher compliance level and less confusion in the mind of the patient] and its good for dispensing practice.

I have spoken to many dispensers who swear their Professional Poppitts machine has saved their fingers and thumbs from the repeated wear and tear of manually de-blistering medication.

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Transparency Statement; When the original owner of The Poppitts devices was ready to retire, he gave me a call and asked if I knew of anyone who would be interested in buying the rights to manufacture from him. I asked around, and to cut a long story short, I ended up with a 10% stake in the business. If I didn’t think it was a great product I wouldn’t have invested in it.

Greg Bull – November 2020


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