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A Clean and Modern Dispensary Design from Richard Kay

Dispensary Design, Layout, Re-Fits and More – Review By Greg Bull

Your dispensary design and layout is probably the most important factor in determining your overall profitability. A well laid out, clean, crisp and light dispensary will lift the spirits of your dispensary staff and improve productivity, which in turn leads to improved profitability.

A badly designed dispensary, shelves too high to reach, multiple users criss-crossing paths and spaghetti walking, poor lighting and ventilation will slow down your dispensing speed and lead to low morale and possibly staff sickness.

A badly designed dispensary is one of the factors you CAN change and you can control, Drug Tariff prices are beyond your control, but your dispensary design is under your control.

I can’t recommend enough undertaking a dispensary design and layout evaluation by an independent professional such as Richard Kay of Pharmacy Storage Solutions [PSS].

Richard has worked with many retail pharmacies over the years as well as dispensing doctor practices. And I have been impressed every time, by the quality of the finished refit.

Clean, light and airy – a beautiful PSS finished re-fit

There are other problems just waitign to happen in a badly designed dispensary; dispensing errors or a Health and Safety incident. Does your dispensary store completed prescription bags safely and out of the way?

What about tripping hazards?

Use of light in a dispensary with small windows is essential

Think of your dispensary as your primary asset; your primary tool, a place where dispensers spend most of their time. Your dispensary really needs to be as modern as it can be, utilising proper pharmacy storage shelving, not cheap kitchen cupboards from your local DIY giant.

The controlled drugs safe and professional shelving

Patient safety, dispenser quality of life, dispensing accuracy, dispensing efficiency, dispensary profitability are ALL affected by dispensary design.

Why not get in touch with Richard and find out more about how PSS work with Dispensing Doctors to improve your dispensary?

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