Dispensing Fee Set to Fall

The Dispensing Fee for Dispensing Doctors is set to fall by about 10% from April 2021

After the last year we have had and the uncertainty of when we will be returning to “normal” another piece of news which dispensing doctors really did not want to read.

The dispensing fee is due to drop by about 10% from April 2021. This means that the profitability of your dispensary will drop yet again. With the reduction of many Manufacturer Discount Schemes and the increase in reduced Supplier Models, maintaining dispensary income is going to be more challenging than ever.

The easiest way to work out the impact on your dispensary is to look at your usual amount of money coming in on your Open Exeter statement and reduce this by 10% to see the impact on your dispensary income. As you will no doubt be recording your dispensing fees monthly, you will have an idea of what this means:

If your current income is £2000 per month, this will fall to £1800 which is an annual drop in income of c£2400. The Dispensary Manager will need to squeeze every last drop of income out of their suppliers, and ensure prescribers stick the formulary where clinically appropriate.

if you are struggling with profitability email me contact@dispensingdoctorexperts.co.uk for a free informal chat.

Total number of prescriptions for
each individual
dispensing GP
Dispensing Fee Per
Prescription in
Reimbursement Drop
Up to 461230.725.5
462 – 577227.425.1
578 – 694224.424.8
695 – 809221.524.5
810 – 925218.924.2
926 – 1039216.623.9
1040 – 1444214.323.7
1445 – 2022212.323.5
2023 – 2310210.423.3
2311 – 2888208.823.1
2889 – 3465207.422.9
3466 – 4044206.122.8
4045 – 461820522.7
4619 and over204.322.6
The dispensing fee for April 2021