Breaking News! Portapharma Comes to the Rescue!

Carry on Dispensing!

A dispensing doctor practice recently suffered a devastating fire in their dispensary which meant that the dispensary had to get back to dispensing as quickly as possible.

And this is where Richard kay of Pharma Storage Solutions stepped in with a life saving and novel approach to their problem. A 40-foot Portaphama unit was installed in the surgery car parking area.

Dispensing services returned to normal in under 72 hours, full service resumed, and staff were able to re stock and re supply patients with only 3 days disruption.  

Richard Kay told us that “This is precisely the purpose of the Portapharma to mitigate the disruption to services and to reduce losses and patients.  No one wishes this kind of event but having the Portapharma units available in various sizes offers some comfort to contingency planning and implementation.”

The Temporary Dispensary

Richard went on to explain further “I visited yesterday, and it was great to see happy satisfied patients still receiving their medication.  I was stopped by an old gentleman waiting who asked me, “Is this your unit, I replied yes”  and he shook my hand and said it was a brilliant idea, he was ex British railways logistics regional manager and said the concept of putting a fully working dispensary inside a shipping container was “ quite brilliant and something he would have been proud to have thought of in his day”.   

Staff like it too and the costs are being covered by loss of earnings insurance. 

A win win for everyone.

And Richard went on to praise the delivery company D.Cain and Son who made a fantastic job of getting the unit to its location and getting it in situ ready for opening!

Portapharma Being Delivered