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Clara – A Digital CD Register for Your Dispensary

Welcome to Clara Electronic Controlled Drug Register ( eCDR ) ( 30 day Free Trial )- as recommended by Dispensing Doctors Experts. Join the many dispensing doctors surgeries up and down the country ditching paper to use Clara eCDR What customers say: “ We have saved on average 2 hours a week using Clara Electronic CD […]

TITAN Gets Approval For Dispensing Doctors

Electronic prescription dispensing is set to penetrate the most remote and rural corners of England after a ground-breaking piece of software was accredited by the NHS. Titan PMR has become the first viable software to be given full release authority by the NHS to provide electronic prescription services (EPS) to dispensing doctors. As a dispensing […]

Contrelle Now Available on Prescription

Contrelle Activgard is now listed in Part IX of the Drug Tariff and can now be prescribed by general practitioners. 1/3 of women are reported to suffer from stress urinary incontinence, impacting both their quantity and quality of exercise and mental health. Contrelle is a disposable bladder support, which offers a simple, self-administered approach to […]

FREE Neuropad Sample!

Email contact@dispensingdoctorexperts.co.uk for a FREE Sample What is neuropad® used for? Nerve damage to the feet is a common complication of diabetes but is often not noticed until it has become quite advanced and conventionally this may be picked up through a positive 10g monofilament test for lack of vital protective sensation. However late detection and […]

Breaking News! Portapharma Comes to the Rescue!

A dispensing doctor practice recently suffered a devastating fire in their dispensary which meant that the dispensary had to get back to dispensing as quickly as possible. And this is where Richard kay of Pharma Storage Solutions stepped in with a life saving and novel approach to their problem. A 40-foot Portaphama unit was installed […]

Sign up for the IQoro Rebate Scheme

The IQoro Device with a 15% rebate scheme monitored and audited by Dispensing Doctor Experts To sign up for the NEW 15% rebate scheme email us at contact@dispensingdoctorexperts.co.uk UPDATE and Vital Information on How to Fulfil a Prescription and NEW Rebate Scheme The IQoro device was listed in the various Drug Tariffs for England and […]

PAMAN and dispensing practices – creating a paradigm shift in medication adherence

Putting dispensing practices at the forefront of change in Primary care The PAMAN System and Service A remote monitoring, medication administration and management support service, that is internet based and uses an audio- video hub device called a Medihub, to observe service users or patients taking their medication It is PAMAN monitoring team is made […]