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UPDATE and Vital Information on How to Fulfil a Prescription and NEW Rebate Scheme

The IQoro device was listed in the various Drug Tariffs for England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland from May 1st 2022 after a rigorous assessment by NHS Business Services Authority.

The device had to be proved to be good for the NHS [cost-effective], good for the patient [it does what it says on the tin and the trial evidence is outstanding] and now with a new rebate scheme about to be launched, its good for dispensing practices too.

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Listing details

ItemDrug Tariff RefSigma ref.PIP code
IQoro – Adult214-001TIQOROAD214-7598
IQoro – Child214-002TIQOROCH214-1532
Sigma Order Codes for the IQoro Device

Sigma plc contact details

Sigma Pharmaceuticals PLC
HD House
Imperial Way
North Watford
WD24 4BB

Telephone: 0800 358 4427
Orders to:

New medical devices aren’t always listed in the Advance Notice of the Drug Tariff and so this month we are going to mention that the IQoro Device has been added to the Drug Tariff from May 1st 2022.

New Drug Tariff Part IXA Section Added

The successful addition of IQoro to the Drug Tariffs gives prescribers another option when considering how to treat patients.

We passionately believe in the IQoro device and hope that the NHS adopts its use across both Primary and Secondary Care and would hope to see Dispensing Doctors at the vanguard of this movement.

The IQoro Device