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Dispenser Development Program

Are you a qualified dispenser who wants to develop their skills and knowledge further to benefit their practice more? Are you a dispensary manager who needs more confidence and knowledge to manage the dispensary team and finances more effectively? Have you got a dispensary where the manager is nearing retirement or needs extra help form […]

Contrelle Now Available on Prescription

Contrelle Activgard is now listed in Part IX of the Drug Tariff and can now be prescribed by general practitioners. 1/3 of women are reported to suffer from stress urinary incontinence, impacting both their quantity and quality of exercise and mental health. Contrelle is a disposable bladder support, which offers a simple, self-administered approach to […]

FREE Neuropad Sample!

Email contact@dispensingdoctorexperts.co.uk for a FREE Sample What is neuropad® used for? Nerve damage to the feet is a common complication of diabetes but is often not noticed until it has become quite advanced and conventionally this may be picked up through a positive 10g monofilament test for lack of vital protective sensation. However late detection and […]

Are Your Hypromellose Eye Drops Prescriptions Being Returned?

Hypromellose Eye Drops – An Explanation of What Has Happened. Recently we have had a few emails in as dispensing practices have had their Hypromellose Eye Drop prescriptions returned to them and they want to know why. The answer is that Hypromellose Eye Drops 0.3% were removed from the Drug Tariff Part VIIIA in June […]

Sign up for the IQoro Rebate Scheme

The IQoro Device with a 15% rebate scheme monitored and audited by Dispensing Doctor Experts To sign up for the NEW 15% rebate scheme email us at contact@dispensingdoctorexperts.co.uk UPDATE and Vital Information on How to Fulfil a Prescription and NEW Rebate Scheme The IQoro device was listed in the various Drug Tariffs for England and […]

FAQs – Prescription Switches and What Happens to Prescriptions Once They Have Been Processed?

FAQs Prescription Switches and What Happens to Prescriptions Once They Have Been Processed? Q – What happens if a Practice wants to dispute prescriptions that have been switched? A – Please see link below to NHSBSA Website for relevant information and required form: https://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/pharmacies-gp-practices-and-appliance-contractors/drug-tariff/drug-tariff-part-xiv Please be aware  re checked batches can also result in additional […]