Contrelle Now Available on Prescription

Contrelle Device is Now Listed in Part IX of the Drug Tariff

Contrelle Activgard is now listed in Part IX of the Drug Tariff and can now be prescribed by general practitioners.

1/3 of women are reported to suffer from stress urinary incontinence, impacting both their quantity and quality of exercise and mental health. Contrelle is a disposable bladder support, which offers a simple, self-administered approach to stop or reduce bladder leaks. It is convenient for women whilst also saving professional time. Results can be immediate and drive an improved quality of life.

The use of intravaginal devices, such as Contrelle, is included in the latest NICE guidelines as part of a conservative approach to the treatment of stress urinary incontinence, after pelvic floor exercise training. NICE recognises the use of such devices could prevent more invasive, costly options.

Success of Contrelle has been demonstrated in six clinical trials, all with statistical significance. Clinical data reports significant reduction in pad usage and volume of leakage, with significant improvement across objective scores and major improvement in quality of life. Clinical data shows no pH changes or effect on vaginal flora.

Contrelle is an ideal first line drug free treatment for stress urinary incontinence and can be used whilst women are working on their pelvic floor strength. It has been shown to help women do their pelvic floor exercise, offers much needed relief to those who don’t find success with pelvic floor exercises and can be a preferred alternative for women who may have otherwise progressed to costly surgical interventions or injections. There is also evidence of long-term improvements. It is always recommended to encourage women to download the NHS approved ‘Squeezy’ app to encourage regular pelvic floor exercises.

Contrelle is manufactured out of a biocompatible cushion soft foam, providing optimal comfort and support. It has a winged arch design with concave section to optimise positioning. Using an applicator, Contrelle is inserted into the vagina, in a similar motion to a tampon. When in place, it supports the urethra, gently restores the bladder neck back to its natural position, helps reposition the bladder angle, and reduces bladder mobility to prevent the loss of urine.

Women can wear Contrelle® for up to 16 hours, making Contrelle® perfect for daily use or just during key activities, such as exercising. It does not cause compression or obstruction during bladder emptying. 

Contrelle comes in three sizes for an effective and comfortable fit. The Sizing Kit contains all three. 30-packs are then available in each size on prescription.

Contact the team at Viveca Biomed, the UK manufacturers of Contrelle Activgard to receive a copy of the electronic bladder leakage general practice training programme:, or for any additional help and training

Contrelle can be purchased directly from Viveca Biomed, and for dispensing doctors there is a 20% discount on invoice to ensure that they do not lose out when dispensing a Contrelle device due to clawback of 11.18% for most dispensing practices. This discount will be in place for a minimum of 12 months. Viveca Biomed will set up a direct account, though orders will be fulfilled immediately.


To qualify for the 20% discount, you should quote ref DDEContrelle when placing your first order and subsequent orders if you purchase direct from