September 2022 Drug Tariff Changes

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See the Latest Drug Tariff Changes for the Month of September 2022

Every month we publish a list of the upcoming Drug Tariff changes for the following month. This gives you and your dispensary team time to react to potential income changes for the future. It is vital that you understand the possible impact of Drug Tariff changes, additions and deletions.

September 2022 Drug Tariff Changes

This is the section to keep an eye on as it highlights items moving Category in the Drug Tariff; Cat C to Cat A, Cat A to Cat M, Cat C to Cat M etc

Usually, a move to Category C to Category A or M means a drop in reimbursement price, not always but most of the time.

Look at the September 2022 Changes below and try to work out for yourself what the implications of each change might be for your practice.

Drug Tariff Changes Sept 2022

From the above list it is likely that the Drug Tariff price will drop on all of the above lines as they are moving from Cat C [Based on a brand or supplier price] to Cat A [Based on a basket price of wholesaler prices]

You must check the September Drug Tariff as soon as it is available to see what the NEW Price will be and write the prescriptions accordingly. IF you are still dispensing the brand and the Drug Tariff price drops below brand price you must ensure that the brand is written on the main body of the prescription to be reimbursed the correct price.

Additions to the September 2022 Drug Tariff

Please see the list below of additions to the Drug Tariff from Sept 1st. Some of these items are similar to products which/are or were available as “Specials” please ensure you are dispensing exactly the right medicines [as always of course!]

Deletions from the September 2022 Drug Tariff

As usual if you are still dispensing any of the below you will need to make sure the main body of the prescription states the brand or supplier information to ensure correct reimbursement.