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Don’t Lose Patients!

I was at a surgery a while ago and the dispensary manager and I were discussing the implications of turning on the Electronic Prescription Service [EPS] and the impact on dispensing. Many dispensing practices have been encouraged into using EPS over last year, but before you do this please make sure you are prepared fully […]

Dispensing Doctor Buying Groups; Are They a Good Idea?

Ever since retail pharmacy realised there was strength in numbers, especially purchasing power, the buying group was formed. Does anyone know who the first retail pharmacy buying group was? Email me if you know, or leave a comment, it’s something I would be interested in. contact@dispensingdoctorexperts.co.uk Anyhow, I first came across the idea of Buying […]

Generic Profitability – Part One

A large volume of your dispensed items in a dispensing practice will be your everyday generic items. Most dispensary managers will have a good idea of what those are, and they will be ordered regularly. Most of these will have a low Drug Tariff price, and the margin gained dispensing them will be relatively low […]