FAQ – Testing Strips


I have a question about monitoring and the use of testing strips.  Not sure whether this is a good subject for one of your hints and tips emails?

When a patient home monitors they will be prescribed strips and therefore an FP10 claimable.

If using in the surgery can we prescribe?  I think they are not prescribable individually but as a whole pack and can we still place them on an FP10 for each patient to use in house?


Very good query.

If doing the anti-coag checks in surgery, the practice will have to purchase the strips and “absorb” as a cost for the service.

As part of the LES / DES for anti-coagulation checking, there should be an allowance for costs – to either claim or be reimbursed for.

Thus more of a practice consideration than a dispensary / prescription one.

As for the individuals – doing as you do on FP10’s should produce some profit for you.