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Generic Profitability – Part One

A large volume of your dispensed items in a dispensing practice will be your everyday generic items. Most dispensary managers will have a good idea of what those are, and they will be ordered regularly. Most of these will have a low Drug Tariff price, and the margin gained dispensing them will be relatively low […]

Are You Missing a Trick With Branded Dispensing?

The Drug Tariff in England and Wales [there are separate Drug Tariffs for Scotland and Northern Ireland] lists most medicines which can be prescribed and dispensed against an NHS Prescription in Primary Care. The reimbursement price is stated next to the generic descriptor for the product in pence. This means that where the prescription has […]

February 2021 Drug Tariff Changes

Every month the Drug Tariff contains an “Advance Notice” section in the Preface. This is designed to give dispensing contractors notice of changes to the Drug Tariff for the following month. This gives the dispensing contractor time to adjust their stock levels accordingly. For example, if a product is being deleted from the Drug Tariff, […]