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What is neuropad® used for?

Nerve damage to the feet is a common complication of diabetes but is often not noticed until it has become quite advanced and conventionally this may be picked up through a positive 10g monofilament test for lack of vital protective sensation. However late detection and subjectivity issues may potentially lead to serious complications developing.

Neuropad® helps solve this problem with a simple objective rather than subjective colour-change test which provides an early warning sign of possible more serious nerve damage which could lead to foot ulceration and even more serious problems if left untreated.

Here’s How it Works

Damage to the nerves in the feet because of diabetes can result in the sweat glands not producing enough moisture at a microscopic level. The medical term for this is sudomotor dysfunction.

A Neuropad® is stuck to the sole of each foot like a sticking plaster and left in situ for 10 minutes. The pad is blue to start with and should turn completely pink in the presence of minute quantities of moisture from sweating. If the Neuropad® test patch remains blue, or if it turns a patchy blue/pink, then this indicates with high sensitivity that the person may have some level of early nerve damage because the sweat glands in their feet are not working properly as there is insufficient moisture to complete the colour change.

Figure 1 How the Neuropad® should change colour after 10 minutes application

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Prescribing Neuropad® and fulfilling a prescription

Neuropad® PIP Code: 337 0665

GTIN code: 04051276000122

The NHS Tariff price is £13.80 per pack effective 1st October 2022

Please note: Minimum single order quantity is 12 test packs.

15% discount for dispensing practices

Dispensing doctor practices benefit from a 15% discount off the NHS price so dispensing doctor practices pay £11.73 + VAT with free delivery on all orders.

Neuropad® is listed in the NHS Drug Tariff Part IXR for England and Wales and separately for Northern Ireland and for Scotland under the category Chemical Reagents under the specific heading ‘Detection Pad, Sweat for Neuropathy’.

Neuropad is listed on the dm+d and is searchable via the following page:

How to Order

To fulfil an NHS prescription, the Neuropad® test (minimum of 12 test packs per order) may be ordered from our wholesale distributor:

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Please note that independent therapists including podiatrists and NHS institutions may wish to purchase a quantity of Neuropad® tests that can be held in stock for immediate clinic use. Such orders may also be placed with our wholesale distributor Sigma. Contact details above.