Drug Tariff Changes August 2022

Drug Tariff Changes

Acebutolol 400mg tablets Generic back available – at what price though?

Previously the reimbursement price was based on a brand NHS list price – check your stock levels of the brand and look at the purchase price of generic acebutolol 400mg tablets x 28. If your purchase price is ABOVE the Drug Tariff price from August 1st you will need to re-write the main body of the prescription accordingly.

Drug Tariff Additions

Please note Magnesium glycerophosphate (magnesium 97.2mg (4mmol)) chewable tablets

used to be a Special Obtain order where an XP fee used to be claimable. Now in the DT as a generic in Cat A – be wary that no XP fee can be claimed – should be available via normal wholesaler route.

Drug Tariff Deletions

Included for reference only you may want to run down stock and after August 1st you will need to prescribe these items by brand name.