Clara – A Digital CD Register for Your Dispensary

Clara is one of the biggest eCDRs in the UK pharmacy market and it is time that dispensing doctors looked at their current eCDR or replaced those old fashioned and cumbersome paper CD Registers.

Clara is integrated with the major pharmacy PMR computer companies : Positive Solutions, Rx Web, Titan

For the pharmacy PMR integrated option:

•Never miss an entry as an automatic entry is made into the CD register when a controlled drug is labelled

•Guided audits saves hours weekly checking your running balances 

•Auto fill features when searching for a CD / patient as the eCDR is linked to the wholesaler database 

•Clara is Cloud based means your team can do entries and audits on any PC / tablet 

•Auto search for patients and Controlled Drugs

•Vetted by Controlled Drugs Officers

•A simple easy to use process for transferring running balances from your paper register to Clara 

•Make as many registers as required for the same monthly cost £15/month

•Clean easy to use interface

•Live support chat 

•Training support articles

•Demos available during and outside trading hours 

•30 day free trial 

Don’t believe us? – check out some of our testimonials / case study