Dispensary Management Checklist

Your Checklist of Essential Information

This week’s profitability article goes back to the basics of dispensary management – with a follow up article next week.

Firstly here is a list of questions which you should know the answers to, and if you do not, then we think it is time you investigated further. If you are expected to manage your dispensary, here are some key questions for you to think about and answer.

Dispensary Management Checklist

Do you have access to and know your total monthly spend on medicines dispensed?

Do you have access to the Open Exeter Statement from NHS Prescription Services each month?

Have you been shown how to understand your Open Exeter Statement?

Does your dispensary have monthly management accounts which you have access to?

Do you know your current Gross Profit?

Do you have a full list of Manufacturer Discount Schemes you are signed up to?

Where do you find out about new Dispensing Doctor Discount schemes?

Do you record how many items and prescriptions you submit each month?

Are the numbers of items and prescriptions submitted each month checked against the Open Exeter statement?

How many items do you dispense each month on average?

How many staff hours do you have in the dispensary each month?

Is there a lead GP in charge of the dispensary?

Are you a member of a Dispensing Doctor buying group?

Do you know what benefits your buying group offers you?

When did you last talk to your buying group?

When did you last think about changing wholesaler?

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