Drug Tariff Changes February 2022

Not much to see here – very few changes in February 2022

February is traditionally a fairly quite time in the NHS, especially with regards to Drug Tariff changes, and 2022 is no different.

For the sake of completeness here are the additions, deletions and changes to the Drug Tariff and some comment from us on what they mean to a busy dispensary manager.


A number of items are being added to the Drug Tariff from Feb 1st, but nothing of any real interest. Adding these items to Part VIIIA means they can be prescribed and dispensed generically and will be reimbursed accordingly.

Duloxetine 120mg gastro-resistant capsules28Category A
Duloxetine 90mg gastro-resistant capsules28Category A
*Paracetamol 1g/100ml solution for infusion
12Category C Accord Healthcare Ltd
Sodium zirconium cyclosilicate 10g oral
powder sachets
3Category C Lokelma
Additions to the Feb 2022 Drug Tariff


The following medicines are all currently Category C and so the reimbursement is based on a brand or supplier NHS List price. It is worthwhile checking your shelves to see how much stock of the following items you hold, and to gradually run the stock down. It may be that alternatives are already available or other pack sizes are listed in the Drug Tariff.

Fluticasone 50micrograms/dose / Formoterol
5micrograms/dose breath actuated inhaler CFC free
120 doseCategory C Flutiform K-haler
Morphine 100mg modified-release granules
sachets sugar free
30Category C MST Continus
Morphine 30mg modified-release granules
sachets sugar free
30Category C MST Continus
Neomycin 500mg tablets100Category C Advanz Pharma
*Paracetamol 1g/100ml solution for
infusion vials
10Category C Accord Healthcare Ltd
Deletions from the Feb 2022 Drug Tariff


In the changes to the Feb Drug Tariff 2 products move from Category A to Category C – ensure that you are purchasing these at a price below the new Drug Tariff price which you can check online five days before the beginning of February. The other change looks like a simple name change for the brand. But best keep an eye on that as well.

Co-dydramol 30mg/500mg tablets56Category A will be:
 56Category C Remedeine Forte
Diazepam 5mg/2.5ml rectal solution
5Category A will be:
 5Category C Desitin Pharma Ltd
Ibuprofen 5% spray35mlCategory C Ibuleve Speed Relief
will be:
 35mlCategory C Ibuleve Pain Relief
Changes to the Feb 2022 Drug Tariff