Drug Tariff Changes June 2021

No More Paper Copies!
By Alastair Carmichael MRPharmS

Drug Tariff News June 2021

As you will have all experienced now, DT is only available online and there are no new “door stop” paper copies landing in your dispensary!

We are running some webinars on how to get the most out of the Drug Tariff Online in the next few weeks, but here are a few of the issues to be aware of:

Additions as from 1/6/21:

Now listed in Part 8A are the following generic descriptions, and hence no endorsement is needed unless there are 2 or more different pack sizes:

Levomepromazine 6mg Tablets         30        £9.99               Cat C Orabalin

  • These may have been rarely used but would have been purchased as a Special – not reimbursed as that anymore.

Melatonin 2mg Caps                           30        57.50               Cat C Colonis Pharma Ltd

Melatonin 3mg Caps                           30        62.50               Cat C    “          “

Melatonin 5mg Caps                           30        105.00             Cat C    “          “

  • Again these would have been purchased as a “Special” but now you will need to purchase below this DT price

Mercaptamine 75mg GR Caps            250      4,199.65          Cat C Procysbi

  • Included this only because of the rather high price tag!


Very few of significance

Perindopril/ Amlodipine Combination strengths – All discontinued

Lots of Appliances & Dressings in Part 9 have been deleted – many have been replaced by the newer version or description – Worth checking your stocks.

Other Changes:

Some eye drop changes where the price has gone up despite moving from Cat C to Cat A. Including this change of special container:

Dorzolamide 2mg/ml / Timolol 5mg/ml UDV Pres Free          60 (4 x 15)       28.59               Cat C Cosopt this is now Category A priced at 31.55 pack size 60 (12 x 5)

The change to the sub-division of the Special Container will only have any significance if the full pack of 60 is not prescribed.

If for example, only 50 or 56 were prescribed, you will need to check the sub-divided strips in the pack to be sure what quantity should be dispensed.

Or better still – get the script changed!

Advance Notice for July 21

Start of the financial quarter and hence there will be Category M Price Changes. These will be available usually after 15th of the month via the following link:


However, keeping stock levels low will prevent any disasters with the purchasing profitability.

One advanced notice change of interest:

Sumatriptan 3mg/0.5ml Solution inj pre-filled disposable devices this is currently Cat C Sun Pharmaceuticals this is now moving to Cat A – lowest generic price from July 1st 2021