Manufacturer Discount Schemes

Are You Signed Up to All the Schemes?

Are You Making the Most of the Manufacturer Discount Schemes?

Welcome to our new dedicated Manufacturer Discount Scheme [MDS} section of the website where we aim to give you details of how to sign up for some of the direct MDS – don’t forget that there are some smaller direct MDS where the pharma company either administrates the scheme themselves or via a third party.

We will be updating this on a regular basis.

LUPIN – To find out more about their scheme and sign up please contact their respiratory specialist nurse who leads on coordinating MDS via

RIDGE PHARMA – to sign up for their scheme email please email and they will then send out the forms to you to sign up.

LUCIS PHARMA – have introduced a direct rebate scheme on a number of products, email for more details and to sign up.

IQORO – the manufacturers of this innovative new device are offering a scheme direct to dispensing doctors – read more on the scheme here and email for further details