NEW Drug Tariff Section Added from March 1st 2022

NEW Drug Tariff Section for Non-liquid Specials

From March 1st 2022 there will be a new section in the Drug Tariff, as mentioned in the Preface section of the February 2022 Drug Tariff.

The preface gives dispensing contractors advance notice of changes, and in this case the addition of 47 specials with different formulations to Part VIIID of the March 2022 Drug Tariff.

This new section, Part VIIID, will publish the reimbursement and payment arrangements for specials and imported unlicensed medicines to be paid relative to a specific and identified pack size.

According to the PSNC “This is the first of many changes expected to drug reimbursement following the publication of Department of Health and Social Care’s (DHSC’s) response to the 2019 consultation on community pharmacy drug reimbursement reforms.”

Currently the specials listed in the Drug Tariff Part VIIIB are all non-solid formulations such as liquids, creams and the like. The new Part VIIID section contains mostly unlicensed capsules and tablets with reimbursement prices calculated against an identified pack size.

The pack sizes which are listed are designed to help with claims for Broken Bulk which will be allowable for any specials listed in Part VIIID from March 2022.

Remember that Broken Bulk cannot be claimed for any specials listed in Part VIIIB of the Tariff or for any non-Tariff specials.

I spoke to Alastair Carmichael who stated, “My thoughts are that Dispensing Doctors will have to look more carefully at their purchasing for what are “Special Obtains” where prices can vary dramatically.

Many of the products are prescribed for a specific patient or reason, such as not tolerating the standard original formulation, but they can be very expensive.

There may be incidents of mis-prescribing and patients do not now require one of these products.

It would be a good exercise to review any prescribing and dispensing of any of these listed products – Is there now a more standard alternative which is easy to obtain and cheaper?

There maybe some challenging conversations with any remaining patients taking items such as Co-Proxamol, and benefit versus risk and cost will have to be weighed up.”

Below is a list of most the Part VIIID specials that will be listed with a reimbursement price in the March 2022 Drug Tariff:

ProductPack SizeFormulation
Albendazole 400mg tablets1STD
Benzbromarone 100mg tablets30STD, FF, LF, SF
Biotin 5mg tablets30STD
Calcium carbonate 300mg tablets200STD
Colecalciferol 10,000unit tablets12STD
Colecalciferol 2,000unit tablets28STD, SF
Colecalciferol 20,000unit tablets14STD
Colecalciferol 3,000unit tablets28STD
Co-phenotrope 2.5mg/0.025mg tablets20STD
Co-Proxamol 32.5mg/325mg tablets100STD
Danazol 100mg capsules100STD
Flunarizine dihydrochloride 10mg tablets30STD
Flunarizine dihydrochloride 5mg capsules50STD
Hydrochlorothiazide 25mg tablets28STD
Ivermectin 3mg tablets4STD
Levamisole 50mg tablets50STD
Levothyroxine 100microgram capsules50STD, LF, SF
Levothyroxine 25microgram capsules28STD, LF, SF
Levothyroxine 50microgram capsules28STD, LF, SF
Liothyronine 2.5microgram capsules100STD, SF
Magnesium citrate 200mg tablets60STD
Magnesium oxide 160mg capsules100STD
Megestrol 40mg tablets100STD
Melatonin 10mg capsules30STD, LF, SF
 60STD, LF, SF
Melatonin 1mg capsules60STD, LF, SF
Melatonin 2.5mg capsules60STD, LF, SF
Melatonin modified-release 3mg capsules60STD
Mepacrine 100mg tablets50STD, LF
Mercaptopurine 10mg capsules50STD, CF, FF, SF
Mercaptopurine 10mg tablets100STD
Metolazone 2.5mg tablets4STD, LF, SF
 100STD, LF, SF
Metolazone 5mg tablets28STD, LF, SF
 50STD, LF, SF
Nadolol 40mg tablets28STD, CF, FF
 100STD, CF, FF
Naltrexone 3mg capsules30STD, AF, LF, SF
Naltrexone 4.5mg capsules30STD, AF, LF, SF
Nicotinamide 250mg tablets100STD
Orphenadrine 50mg tablets100STD
Phenelzine 15mg capsules60STD, AF, CF, LF, PF, SF
Phenelzine 15mg tablets60STD, LF, SF
Phytomenadione 10mg tablets30STD, SF
 50STD, SF
Pirenzepine 50mg tablets50STD
Prazosin hydrochloride 2mg tablets28STD
Probenecid 500mg tablets50STD, CF, LF, SF
Riboflavin 100mg modified-release tablets60STD
Sucralfate 1g tablets40STD, CF, FF, LF, PF, SF
Sultiame 200mg tablets50STD
Trimetazidine hydrochloride 35mg modified-release tablets60STD


STDStandard formulation including standard flavours
SFSugar free
AFAlcohol free
CFColour free
FFFlavour free
LFLactose free
PFPreservative free
NSFNon standard flavours