Dispensary Profitability Review

My name is Greg Bull and for 25+ years I have been helping dispensing doctors and I have teamed up with Alastair Carmichael, a registered pharmacist who has been working with dispensing practices for nearly a decade.

We will guide you and make sure you are getting all of your discounts and not losing out money you should be getting, Its all about real support and advice, independently, no strings attached, no agenda – completely ethical.

And we won’t charge you a fortune either! Our full online review of your purchasing and reimbursement package costs only £450 + vat, so no need to worry about large consultancy bills. If you need further help or a face to face visit [Covid restrictions applicable] then it will cost you a bit more, but the power of an onsite review of your processes is invaluable.

FREE [ongoing due to Covid-19 restrictions and to support our much loved NHS] Independent Profitability Review – let us benchmark your dispensing income against your peers, free of charge. Dispensing Doctor Experts can follow this up with a bespoke package of online and safe distance advice, help and support for your dispensary. Our pharma contacts are also more than willing to help ensure you are on the best deals available. Ensure your dispensary profitability without spending a fortune with our trusted team.

FREE Telephone Consultations – do you have a problem in your dispensary? Are your profits falling? Are you considering automation? Thinking of how better to use your space? Contact us for a free telephone call with one of our experts in the dispensing doctor world.

FREE Online Consultations – same as for telephone consultations, but with the added bonus of speaking face to face [virtually] with one of our experts.

If its good for the patient, good for the NHS and good for dispensing doctors then we want to hear about it and tell other dispensing practices about it as well. Its about putting the patient first.

Email contact@dispensingdoctorexperts.co.uk to find out more