Drug Tariff Additions November 2021

Keep Up To Speed with Drug Tariff Changes

The October 2021 preface includes those products which are going to be added for the November 2021 Drug tariff, meaning that they can be written generically, with no need to endorse as reimbursement will be based upon the Drug Tariff Price.

Most interesting is the inclusion of a new strength of alimemazine oral solution sugar free 10mg/5mL a 100ml pack can now be prescribed and reimbursed at a Drug Tariff price.

In the NHSBSA Hints and Tips Dispensing Contractors Issue 44 (from back in July 2021) the following information was given:

“Unlicensed medicines update 

The following Actual Medicinal Products (AMPs) are now licensed: 

Alimemazine 10mg/5ml oral solution sugar free (Lucis Pharma Ltd) with AMPP = 100ml 

Instead of using Alimemazine 10mg/5ml oral solution (Special Order), you may want to consider using the licensed option instead.”

This was previously only available via Special Order

This product has an NHS dm+d List Price: £182.00 for dispensing doctors and community pharmacy contractors which is presumably what the new Drug Tariff price will be from November 2021. Please email us via contact@dispensingdoctorexperts.co.uk if you cannot get any discount on this product and we will alert the manufacturers to this and will see if any Discount Schemes are available.

Other additions to the November 2021 Drug Tariff are as follows:

NamePack SizeDrug Tariff Category
Amoxicillin 500mg/5ml oral suspension sugar free100mlCategory C Brown & Burk UK Ltd
Bempedoic acid 180mg / Ezetimibe 10mg tablets28Category C Nustendi
Estradiol 1.53mg/dose transdermal spray168 dose (3x 56)Category C Lenzetto
Fentanyl 500micrograms/10ml solution for injection ampoules5Category C Sublimaze
Lacosamide 200mg/20ml solution for infusion vials1Category C Vimpat
Levomenthol sticks3.6gCategory C 4Head
Levomepromazine 50mg tablets84Category A
Quetiapine 600mg modified-release tablets56Category C Biquelle XL
Thalidomide 50mg capsules28Category C Thalidomide Celgene
Valsartan 80mg tablets28Category A

In the above table all the Category C items should be reimbursed at the dm+d NHS list price, whereas the Category A items will be reimbursed based on a basket of prices as follows:

“the average of the price calculated for the pack size listed in the Drug Tariff weighted by the following four manufacturers and suppliers; A A H Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Alliance Healthcare (Distribution) Ltd, Teva UK Ltd and Accord Healthcare Ltd on or before the 8th of the month being reimbursed. In the weighted formula, A A H Pharmaceuticals Ltd and Alliance Healthcare (Distribution) Ltd prices have a weighting of 2, the prices from the other suppliers have a weighting of one.”